About Us

The USS Asgard is a Central Ohio Chapter of Starfleet International, Region One.  We are a Star Trek and Science Fiction based club which started out as a shuttle of our sister ship the USS Columbus. The USS Asgard was commissioned as a Starfleet Capital Class Vessel in 1999, registration NCC- 72402.   Our "ship" has a crew , each of whom holds a fictional rank.  Members earn promotion points for attending meetings, events, conventions, working on special projects and so on. Though most of our members belong to Starfleet, this isn't a requirement.  If you have any interest in Star Trek and Sci-Fi you are welcome to join us!  Annual dues is $15.00 per person, regardless of whether you choose to join Starfleet or not.  Family memberships are also available - check the Starfleet website for more details.

Some members of the Asgard are modeling enthusiasts, especially when it comes to building and designing starship models.  If this is a favorite hobby we encourage you to join us at one of our monthly meetings.  While this group is based on Star Trek, we embrace any and all genres of Science Fiction and we welcome Sci-fi fans of all ages and interests into our group as well.

 In 2009 the USS Asgard became part of  NORSE FLEET, Norræna Floti,  joining the USS Heimdal, the USS Odin, USS Thor's Hammer and USS Thor.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ussodin/

We meet the fourth Saturday of the month at 6:00 PM EST. Our current meeting place is Quark's on the Hill, on the premises of Star Base Columbus. the building is located behind Collision One which is next door to Star Base Columbus.  See MEETING LOCATION Tab.

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